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Created as a hunting and herding dog for the Louisiana bayous, the Catahoula leopard dog will thrive in an active, working environment.

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Cool Facts About the Catahoula Leopard!

Catahoula leopard dogs are also known by several other names

It took a while for fanciers of this breed to settle on a name for it, and even now it’s common to see or hear it referred to as the Louisiana Catahoula leopard dog or the Catahoula cur. Other names for the breed include Leopard dog, Leopard cur, Catahoula hound and Catahoula hog dog.

The catahoula leopard dog is the state dog of Louisiana

The Catahoula leopard dog’s history is rooted in Louisiana, especially northern Louisiana, where you’ll find the breed’s namesake parish. Because the breed is so important to and closely tied with the region, it’s no surprise that in 1979, then-governor Edwin Edwards officially named the Catahoula leopard dog the state dog of Louisiana.

Catahoula leopard dogs are thought to be a mix of many breeds

The history of the Catahoula leopard dog’s development is a mire. There’s speculation regarding what other breeds have been crossed to create this one, but little is known for sure. We know that they are in part bred from the wild dogs kept by the Choctaw people native to the area. Other canines thought to have been used to create this breed include bloodhounds, greyhounds, mastiffs, Beaucerons and even red wolves.

“The Catahoula Leopard Dog is a hardy, rustic breed that was developed in the American Deep South as an all-purpose farm and hunting dog. “


  • The Catahoula should not be left to live outside. He’s a companion dog and does poorly in isolation.
  • Because he may be aggressive toward unknown dogs, a Catahoula should never be walked off leash.
  • Catahoulas are highly intelligent and need firm, patient, consistent training.
  • Catahoulas are energetic dogs who need at least an hour of vigorous exercise daily.
  • Catahoulas shed lightly to moderately year-round. They require weekly brushing to remove dead hair and keep their coat shiny.
  • The Catahoula needs early and frequent socialization, especially if you want him to be friendly toward other animals.
  • The Catahoula is not recommended for a timid or first-time owner. This breed needs a confident trainer who is consistent and firm but also loving.
  • Catahoula puppies need tough, durable toys.
  • The ideal home for a Catahoula is one with a fenced yard and opportunities for the dog to perform its natural work of tracking and herding.
  • Catahoulas are protective of the children in their family, but they are not four-legged babysitters. Always supervise interactions between children and dogs.
  • If properly socialized and raised with them, Catahoulas can do well with other dogs and animals. It is important to understand that some Catahoulas may never do well with other animals and may need to live in single animal homes.
  • Catahoulas can be aggressive toward other dogs, especially if both dogs are male.
  • Catahoulas are alert watchdogs and wary of strangers.
  • Never buy a Catahoula from a puppy mill, a pet store, or a breeder who doesn’t provide health clearances or guarantees. Look for a reputable breeder who tests her breeding dogs to make sure they’re free of genetic diseases that they might pass onto the puppies and who breeds for sound temperaments.


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Hello! I bought “Stella” from you in early August and she is adorable! She was the tiny dark brown one you picked out for me. Thank you.
Tom Huffman
Dear IDEAL CATAHOULA PUPPIES just want to say thank you for Molly. We got her from you a couple of weeks ago. she is such a good dog, we adore her. I am so glad that we got her from you. Patti….
I purchased my Jamie from IDEAL CATAHOULA PUPPIES and now he’s my best friend. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to love him.
Luna is the joy of my everyday life and has been since I brought her home. She is now 14 weeks. After this whole experience, I have a very strong desire to continue improving the breed in any way possible and feel you would be my very best source of knowledge. Looking forward to talking to you again and thanks for all of your help. You have been wonderful and so has Luna. Thanks for everything.
I would 100% recommend “IDEAL CATAHOULA PUPPIES ”, I live in Connecticut and these guys made sure that my puppy arrived to me safe and very healthy. I have the best pup in the world and have them to “thank”. What a GREAT breeder that takes great care of his puppies
Thanks again for everything. Working with you was above and beyond. Very grateful I was able to get her from you"
Special thanks to IDEAL CATAHOULA PUPPIES for helping me out getting my lovely Catahoula (Lola) into my life. Thank you so very much for all the help you put in for me. Also, she loves my children and grandchildren when they visit and they just adore her. Thank you once more you guys are simply the best..
Kevin arrived to his new home and met our Dachshund “Adler”, and they have been inseparable since. He’s very friendly towards people and other animals and is full of life and energy. He’s been the perfect addition to our home!. Thank you IDEAL CATAHOULA PUPPIES
Charlotte, NC

“The Catahoula Leopard Dog breed has a striking appearance and a strong work ethic. They’re a tough dog, bred to work in swamps and forests, and they require a leader who is firm and consistent, with time to keep them occupied.”


Affection LevelMedium
Exercise NeedsHigh
Energy LevelHigh
Tendency to BarkHigh
Amount of SheddingMedium

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